What would you sacrifice for your new home? 24th November 2016

What would you sacrifice for your new home


Author: Natalie Clarke MRICS

Buying and owning a house is a key milestone in most people’s lives, after all getting keys to your first home is a monumental achievement!

Over 50% of tenants would like to buy a house in the near future, according to the latest Survey, so saving money is vitally important. But what sacrifices would you make in order to buy your own dream home?

95% of first-time buyers are willing to make sacrifices to own a home, according to a recent survey done in the US (keepingcurrentsmatters.com).

A new car, new clothes and the social life – all taking a hit! “The survey revealed that 54% would happily save money by not buying new clothes and half of the respondents (50%) said they would give up their social life.”

Interestingly in an attempt to save a few pounds, just over half of first-time buyers said that they would sacrifice buying a new car.

However, some luxuries are untouchable. Only 44% of first- time buyers would give up their holidays to get closer to their dream house. Remarkably, only 36% are willing to forget about the dream features they want in their new home!

Last but certainly not least, location, location, location; for most buyers’ location is as key as the house. Only 17% of first-time buyers said they would change their desired location if they could afford a new home elsewhere, backed up by a recent poll conducted by the National Landlords Association which found that only 27% would relocate in order to buy a home.

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Source:  keepingcurrentmatters.com