Safety Tips! 18th January 2019

January can be a tough month for everyone. Unfortunately this can lead to an increase in burglaries. As most burglars are opportunists, it’s important to ensure they don’t see an opportunity when they come across your property. So here are a few tips to help keep your property safe:


Close and lock all windows and doors. This may seem obvious but it’s one that is easily forgotten.


Keep keys for cars and doors out of sight – as thieves often smash windows to get these.


If you are away from property for any length of time, a light timer is a good idea so that it looks like there is someone in.


Always use your Chubb key. It’s a common habit not to use the Chubb lock. Making it harder for someone to gain entry to your home and always double lock your doors where possible.


Be careful – advertising big purchases and holidays on social media can be dangerous. If this information fell into the wrong hands it may put your belongings at risk.


Keep Safe!