Home Staging Tips! 3rd April 2019


This is all about presenting you home for sale in the best possible light. Remember when you place your property on the market place you will be competing against other properties for sale. We are in the middle of a price war and a beauty contest and buyers will always buy the best priced and presented home first. It is critical that your property is clean, fresh, decluttered, neutral and bright for sale. By following these few simple home staging tips you will amazed at the price you will receive for your property. Putting the effort in is so worthwhile. Remember we never get a second chance at making the first impression. We can offer you our “Home Staging Expertise” by visiting your property.

Setting the scene before the photographer arrives.

Use the checklist below to make sure your home is prepared:


Move vehicles from the driveway

 Keep the front of the house clear

Remove bins and unsightly objects

Clean the windows

Remove hoses and tools

Get rid of dead plants and leaves

Store children’s toys out of sight



Clear worktops

Hide sponges

Move Appliances out of sight

Clear sink

Move bins out of sight

Remove pet bowls

Close cupoards

Remove fridge magnets


Open drapes and blinds

Make the bed

Remove throws from furniture

Remove visable clutter under the bed

Close cupboards

Remove worn rugs

Store childrens toys out of sight

Place shoes out of sight


Leave toilet seat down

Clear counter tops

Remove cleaning brushes and bins

Hide bottles out of view

Pull back shower curtain

Remove toilet paper from holder

Remove towels and mats from holders, radiators and floors